Giving Back – Paying Forward

  • Giving Back – Paying Forward

A few years ago, I found myself in the company of a young woman who had three small children and was in desperate need of help. She had been to several agencies in search of immediate lodging. Her situation would have put her and her children, literally, “on the streets” that very night. When I realized there were no other options, I took the mother and her children to a hotel and paid for their room for the night. I was overcome with a flood of emotion, as I remembered a time when I was a young mother, homeless and in distress. I soon realized that I would not be able to provide shelter for every person in need who crossed my path. That event inspired me to find a way to provide immediate and long-term help for women and children in distress.

The journey on the road to creating this helping entity has had its challenges. Yet none of these challenges is as difficult as what women and children in distress experience when life throws them into circumstances beyond their control. Bringing the Waters of Jordan Enrichment Center vision to fruition depends on the kindness and commitment of people like you. Through your generosity, we can provide the help that gives women and children control over their circumstances and positively affects their lives.

We hope to have others tell their stories as they are empowered to help themselves. They can then reach out to help others. And so a brighter future unfolds. With deepest gratitude to God and all of those whose blessings we receive.