Improving Your Self-Esteem Program

Woman in front hallway fixing young girl's hair and smiling

We help you meet life’s challenges by making a conscious decision to love yourself, to experience personal happiness, to nurture fulfilling relationships and to embrace your own achievements. Self-esteem and self-love are linked together.

In this six-week program you learn life skills to examine, evaluate and implement:

  • Defining and understanding self-esteem;
  • Development and factors affecting self-esteem;
  • Consequences and symptoms of low self-esteem;
  • Behaviors associated with the symptoms of low self-esteem;
  • Methods to improve self-esteem and maintain a good balance of self-esteem throughout life.

After you complete the classes, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Please call today to find out details on dates, times and location, and enroll in an upcoming class.

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